“minuscule: Busy Bugs!” and “Minuscule: bugs on the run!” are the official tablet and smartphone games of the “minsucule” animated series from French studio Futurikon. This game is co-produced by Fingerprint and Happy Blue Fish.

7 years ago Thomas Szabo directed a very unique short film, without dialogue and mixing computer-generated insects and real, non-animated landscape shots. After having discovered this film, French producer Philippe Delarue (Futurikon Films), immediately proposed to Thomas and to Hélène Giraud to develop a series of short programmes for TV and a theatrical feature film. This is Minuscule.A first then a second series of TV shorts were produced, earning critical and public acclaim worldwide.


About Futurikon

FUTURIKON was founded in 1996, by Philippe Delarue, CEO and executive producer. Based in Paris, London and Angoulême, it specializes in the production and worldwide sales of animation programs, feature films and documentaries. The company’s aim is to produce innovative, entertaining and enlightening shows, inspired by the creative minds of French and European writers and artists. But FUTURIKON is also open to international influence, exploiting and developing the creative synergies of cinema, television, multimedia, music and publishing, wherever they may be found.


About Fingerprint Digital

Based in San Francisco, Fingerprint Digital is a mobile entertainment company for kids and the creator of Fingerprint, the first kids’ learning and entertainment platform, providing sharing and engagement opportunities between kids and parents across mobile devices and the web. Its network of quality, Mom-Comm enabled edutainment apps is made up of first-party apps, as well as apps “fingerprinted” by third-party developers.


About Happy Blue Fish

Happy Blue Fish is a videogame designer, producer and publisher, dedicated to improving people’s lives through edutainment gaming for everyone from kids to families to seniors. Based in Saint Malo (Brittany), Happy Blue Fish is creating international edutainment titles with learning values in two segments: “Kids Gaming” and “Lifestyle Gaming.”

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